As you may have noticed, an advertisement appears on our blog from time to time. Some of you may even say that there is only advertising on our blog, but that is good – after all, is a sort of advertising company that promotes artists and helps them race for the gold plate, just like Art Black Studio Ltd, which has been providing high quality advertising to customers for over 20 years. Art Black Studio offers projects ranging from logo design, leaflets, business cards, clothing prints, car wrapping and finally web design. It is Art Black Studio that is responsible for creating our logo, creating the website, providing the tags that we attach to the clothes. As you can see, the company serves us almost comprehensively – almost, because we make t-shirts on our own, but the rich experience of ABS company saved us many mistakes in creating our brand. If you run a business and you like cooperation at the highest level – we recommend an advertising studio – Art Black. You can find out more about this company’s offer on the website