As a media pandemic has embraced the world, which evokes a lot of extreme feelings and opinions among our friends as well as many other people, we have decided to speak out, designing T-shirts for ourselves, which in an original and humorous way illustrate our views. We did not expect so many positive reactions and such interest in these projects, among people who have seen them – everyone wanted to have a T-shirt like that! We were encouraged to present this collection to a wider public, and we can confidently say that it was a hit. So we give you the opportunity to buy T-shirts from the series – a fictional collection. The T-shirts are unisex – so both women and men can wear them. If you have an idea to upgrade  the collection, or you want to make your own design – please contact us.



By starting with the Lu brand – we have made it clear – it will not be a brand created just for money, it will be a brand whose mission is to support artists in their creativity. Since the beginning of our operation we have been investing in both printing equipment and music and video production equipment. At the moment our studio is really well equipped and the artists we support praise the final quality and cooperation. However, the income we earn is still too small to equip the studio so that our assistance to the beginning of the artists is more extensive. Therefore, we are counting on you. Because it is not Lu who really supports artists, but each of you, each of you who will contribute to this project by buying a T-shirt, sweatshirt or even a small gadget like a mug..



The Lu brand is no place for shoddy products. Everything our brand signs is of good quality, we work with the best suppliers in the field of fabrics, cutting and sewing. Each original LU product has inserts with our logo, size and label. Each product is packed in a box with a motif corresponding to its content. Products purchased in Lu can be used as birthday gifts or on any other occasion.Our prints are of high quality, which do not damage after 3 uses.  We print with the most modern technologies, which preserve the original colours and guarantee long-term exposure. Our prints are not thick – T-shirts breathe freely. When you buy a T-shirt in Lu, you are 100% sure that you will not be disappointed. The fabric is super quality and the print is perfect.



Each T-shirt from this collection has a very nice, themed packaging. On special request we can make a personalized print on the packaging such as birthday wishes or your favourite photo. We can additionally pack the product as a gift and send it to the person you want to give it to. We do not attach a receipt to a product sent as a present.